MoI launches new version of Metrash2
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Doha: The General Directorate of Information Systems at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) launched a new version for Metrash2 for phones and smart devices, which is the fastest way to attain the Ministry’s services from any place and at any time. Assistant Director of the Information Systems Department at MoI, Captain Eng. Abdulaziz Al Ruwaili, said the new version comes as a culmination of the department’s work, in cooperation with other departments in the ministry. He added that the department spares no effort to make the users’ experience with Metrash2 unique for all, including citizens, residents and companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations. He added that one of the most important features of the new version is that it includes a great number of new services offered for the first time to the public. These services include payment receipts for all services done through Metrash2, it also allows users to request a copy of the payment receipt be sent to the e-mail for each successful transaction, in addition to allowing users to pay by debit cards. In response to requests and proposals received by the department from subscribers and users of Metrash2, this new service allows users to pay service charges using debit cards. The service also offers the possibility of using credit cards and debit services from the bank account (for companies) which were available in previous versions, inspections services and payment to be done overseas. This service aims to enable the applicants to complete all the preliminary procedures related to employees’ testing from outside the country, such as work contract data entry services, electronic accreditation, cancellation of the special features of this service and the service of paying the costs of the tests. This service is the first step to enable the expatriate to perform the necessary tests in Qatari test centers abroad. Contract services are for enterprises and companies subject to the Labor Law, while the service of reimbursement for test outside the country applies to all categories of users of this service. Among the new services is a car tint installation permit service for permitted vehicles and fees payment without the need to go to the General Directorate of Traffic, with the possibility of requesting the new vehicle request form through the Qatar Post. Users of Metrash2 can also request issuing a driving and car licence instead of a lost or damaged driving licence for light vehicles and paying the outstanding fees without the need to go to the General Directorate of Traffic. Metrash2 also allows issuing replacement for lost or damaged car plate numbers and paying for the service. This service includes the possibility of choosing the workshop to produce the plate numbers while determining the shape (long or short). In response to the requests and suggestions of Metrash2 subscribers and users, it is possible to request the resubmission of an additional copy of the certificates and reports that were previously requested and sent using the application, the copy will be sent in PDF format on the registered e-mail within 15 days of the service. A new service available for companies allows the authorized personnel of governmental, semi-governmental companies to review all electronic transactions which were completed through Metrash2 within 30 days. Al Ruwaili said Metrash2 is available for use on all devices to serve citizens, residents, companies and institutions 24 hours from any place there are 174 services provided by MoI through the application, with the possibility of paying for these services directly without the need to visit the directorates of the ministry which saves time and effort of users and which meet the strategy of MoI and to contributes to achieving Qatar National Vision 2030. Courtesy: https://www.thepeninsulaqatar.com
January 02, 2019 TO January 02, 2019
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