Qatar's first large-scale sound art installation in Souq Waqif
Doha Today
Doha: The British Council is collaborating with Leeds-based interactive arts studio, Invisible Flock, to premiere 105+dB, a mass-scale sonic installation in Souq Waqif, Doha from December 2-7. Members of the public are invited to experience Qatar’s passion for the beautiful game like never before. To coincide with the installation, footballers from Al-Rayyan SC and Al-Arabi SC in Qatar will attend and meet and greet fans at 10am on December 6, as their players took part in the making of the artwork. Taking its name from the sound level at which an individual voice is lost in a crowd, 105+db is an ambitious sound installation about identity, place and participation, which captures and transports the incredible sound and energy of The Grand Hamad Stadium into the streets of Souq Waqif. It encourages playful interaction by people of all ages, inviting audiences to navigate through the roar, walking in and around invisible walls of sound and stillness as the match is replayed. Using a custom-built array of microphones positioned around The Grand Hamad stadium, Invisible Flock captured the emotionally charged sounds of the match through technology that enabled them to reproduce an exact spatial replica of the scale and location of the noise in 3D space. The result is the rousing sound footprint of the stadium’s terraces in 360 degrees. The project is part of the British Council’s ambition to engage audiences with new kinds of public art and show the important benefits public art can bring to cities and countries alike; bringing creativity out into the public for all citizens to enjoy, learn from and be inspired. The British Council is also hosting a 105+dB workshop on 3 - 4 December at governmental and international schools and a panel discussion on Art in the Public Realm on 5 December at the Museum of Islamic Art chaired by Dr Fodil Fadli, Head of Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Qatar University. The Panel is open to all members of the public. The outreach programme also includes digital contemporary art workshops in schools. Professor Ali A. Alraouf of Architecture and Urban Theories from Urban Planning Department, Ministry of Municipality and Environment said, “Art in the public realm enriches our lives in various ways and makes people more aware of their environment while letting them see it from a new perspective. In the age of knowledge-based architecture and urbanism, public art can help the city to inspire, stimulate and educate its people. We are really excited about welcoming the first ever sound installation to Qatar and hope that 105+dB will inspire and empower residents and communities to celebrate and participate in all that Doha has to offer culturally and socially.” Sam Ayton, the Director of the British Council in Qatar said, “With Qatar World Cup 2022 just around the corner, we are delighted to collaborate with Invisible Flock as part of our ambition to harness the power of arts to make cities more open, dynamic and inclusive. Having art in public spaces improves a city in so many ways, encouraging interaction, participation and connections between communities. This installation brings arts and sports together, plunging people into a breathtaking and unusual sound experience. It’s definitely one of our highlights of the British Festival in Qatar and we hope everyone will stop by Souq Waqif to experience it.” Catherine Baxendale, Creative Producer at Invisible Flock says, “Experiencing 105+dB can be epic and evocative, so exhilarating that it vibrates through the soles of your shoes, but it is this physical intensity that creates a very visceral connection between you as an audience member and the tens of thousands of fans experiencing the match.” Private and public sector joined hands in making this unique project happen. This project is supported by Strategic Tourism Partner Souq Waqif, Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Qatar Stars League, Official Carrier Qatar Airways, Qatar Financial Centre. Organised by the British Council in partnership with the British Embassy, the annual Qatar British Festival is a celebration of the long-standing relationship between Qatar and the UK. The festival aims to connect audiences in Qatar with the most exciting culture from the UK through cultural events, panel discussions and public activities, which give audiences the opportunity to experience a series of fun, educational and creative events in culture, sports, education, business and more Courtesy: https://www.thepeninsulaqatar.com
December 02, 2018 TO December 02, 2018
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