Expatriates hail permanent residency law as historic step
Doha Today
DOHA: The landmark legislation of Qatar granting permanent residency to expatriates meeting a certain criteria has kindled new hopes among members of the migrant communities who have termed the new law as a historic initiative. The new permanent residency law issued by Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani last week is being widely hailed by expatriates particularly by the people who are residing in Qatar for decades. Not only the expatriates who are target beneficiaries of the new legislation, but also Qatari citizens consider the move helpful for economic diversification and cultural diversity. An Indian expatriate, Abdul Raoof Kondotty said: “It is a historic decision taken by the Qatari government to grant PRP to expatriates.” Kondotty, an Indian social activist working in Qatar as a financial auditor, added: “Qatar has set up best examples for the regional countries in dealing with expatriates. The decision will help Qatar attract more educated and skilled workforce.” Zunira Faisal, a Pakistani expat residing in Doha for 32 years said: “I was born and raised in Qatar, therefore this news means a lot to me and my family. My family has devoted their life to Qatar and still working for this country with honesty.” She said that the permanent residency law had given her immense satisfaction and peace of mind. Tennison De Silva, a prominent Sri Lankan businessman who is residing in Doha for over 25 years, said: “It is a great move taken by H H the Amir. There are people who live and work here for decades. They feel a belonging to this country. Qatar is their home. The new law gives us hope and this is for the first time in the history of this region that a country is giving permanent residency.” Ali Al Athba, a Qatari citizen, said that the law on permanent residency would play a very important role in Qatari community. “We all agree on this decision. This law will give privilege to all the expats living in Qatar. We support all the expats and are more than happy to welcome them to our community.” Ibrahim Al Saada, another citizen, said: “The law provides more security to all the expats living in Qatar. Now people will find Qatar a homeland and will not hesitate to invest in Qatar. The safe environment will make expats work with peaceful mind and loyalty.” Saada said that Qatar was the first country in the Arab region providing this facility. “We will now see more expats willing to come here and invest their time, money and devote their hard work to a country that pays off.” Another expatriate, Nasser Mohamed from Egypt lauded the new permanent residency law saying: “It is a kind of appreciation for those who participated in building the country and lived here for a long time. I came to Qatar at the age of 6 and now I am a graduate from university in electrical engineering. I will apply for the permanent residency.” Ameena, an expatriate from Jordan said: “I heard about the new law and it is important for people who are living in Qatar for a long time and for those who were born here. The new permanent residency law also offers many privileges like free education and medical care.” Prof Mohammed Ramzan Ali Miya from Nepal said: “The State’s initiative to grant permanent residency permit (PRP) to expatriates is praiseworthy which should be lauded internationally.” Courtesy: www.thepeninsulaqatar.com
September 09, 2018 TO September 09, 2018
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